Creative Marketing 

We’ll maximize your brand, both on and offline, aligning your website, social presence and engagement efforts. Hooray for smart marketing.


It’s more than a cool logo. It’s who you are. We’ll help you communicate that.

Product Development

From concept to production to “ooh, I want that,” we’ll help your product idea come to light.

Web Development

It’s an ever-changing world we live in. Don’t blink. We’ll help you utilize this Internet thing to your best advantage.


Use your words. We understand the importance of brand voice, online content and overall communication clarity. We’re also sticklers for grammar.

Integrated Marketing

We’ll help you navigate all the different levels, twists and turns.

Audience Engagement

Hello? Anybody out there? Let’s find your audience and keep them engaged.

The ideas start here.

Branding isn’t just a cool logo. First off, it’s about understanding your product, service or cause, and looking at things from your audience’s point of view. We’ll consider every opportunity to express who (or what) your company is about via messaging, voice, packaging and business development. A comprehensive implementation, or “branding” then follows, aligning product development, establishing an integrated marketing plan and, ultimately, producing successful audience engagement.

Next, it’s time to create.

We design your brand through graphic interpretation, copywriting, website architecture and development.

While we’re putting it all together, we ponder integrative strategies; a plan to best reach and engage your defined audience(s) in the way they want to be engaged.

Tell the world.

We’ll get the word out by building awareness and engagement with a loyal, interested audience (read: email marketing, newsletters, direct mail, catalogs). Traditional advertising, marketing and PR come into play too.


From the inkling of an idea through execution and evolution of the brand, IdeaSource will light every step of the way.

“IdeaSource has been our go-to marketing partner for over 18 years. I can always count on them to produce outstanding results with branding, packaging, traditional and interactive marketing, website design and management, and overall strategy and marketing support. They are, simply, one of our greatest assets.”

– Linaya Hahn, CEO and Director, Sunshine Sciences

“For years, Shalom Park has benefited from the work that IdeaSource provides. Their team is highly creative and has elevated our marketing efforts to be engaging, professional, and effective. They understand how very important every aspect of our marketing is to us, to our brand, to the people we care for and to our long-term goals.”

– Rhonda Morris, Director of Advancement and Project Management, Shalom Park